We know what you're thinking...

Aren't they just socks? Can't I just toss them in the drawer?

While I guess the answer here is technically yes, we wouldn't recommend it. 

So how on earth do you store your beloved Thunda Thighs?

Our socks are a little on the thicker side, and storing them can be tricky. Try some of these methods to save some space in your closet. 

Hang them up

You can start by hanging your new socks in a cool, dry place. Try sorting them by color, or matching them to our favorite outfits. 


Our next best tip is for those with limited space. Try storing your socks in the packaging they came in. The packaging compresses the socks so that they fit nice and neatly in your drawer. 

Rolling, Rolling

It's as simple as that! Roll your socks into tight bundles before putting them away. It makes for a pretty presentation. Try color coding them with your other favorite socks. 

Flat folds

This tried and true method may seem obvious, but it's much better for the socks than balling them up. Lay on sock on top of the other and fold one or two times, depending on your drawer space.

We know

Sometimes accessories don't get the love they deserve. See the difference proper storage can make! Treat your Thunda Thighs like a Thunda Prize.


How do you store your Thunda Thigh Socks? Leave your tips down below. 

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