The Day has come...

You've received your pair of Thunda Thigh socks, and you can't wait to slip into them. Tha packaging is beautiful, the socks are soft, and it's time to put them on! Or is it?

What to do first?

I know what you're thinking: aren't they just socks?

While the answer is yes, though they are majestic socks, I have a few tips and tricks to keep those juicy thighs looking their absolute best. 

Socks rock

But socks roll. Gravity, body type, and slippery skin all play a part in this well known issue. Our socks may create the perfect outfit, but we never said they were gravity defying. Whether you're having a rolling issue, or just a "staying put" problem, we have solutions for you! 

Inside Out

The first trick of the trade you can try is to put your new Thunda Thigh Original socks on inside out for a while. This may feel silly at first, but it the socks does roll, it'll roll inward. Once you've broken them in for a while, you can put them back on - right side out. 

Iron on

Time to bust out the ol' ironing board. Another great tip we've found is that ironing the top hem of the socks on low heat may combat rolling. Just be careful, don't turn the heat too high and don't leave the iron on too long!


All of us here in the Thunda Tribe love to accessorize. What's better than fashion and function?! We sell a Waist Garter Belt, as well as Thigh Belt sets, to keep those socks where they belong. 

Stuck on you

Finally, you can try our roll on Thunda Thighs Body Adhesive Sock Glue! It's hypoallergenic, water-based, and best of all: the socks stay put. It's an easy breezy application and comes off with warm water. 

Got any tips you would like to share? Leave your comment below. 

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